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Water Units
Crocodile slipNslide
Product Details
Size: 8 ft. x 40 ft. x 10 ft.
Space Required: 10 ft. x 42 ft. x 11 ft.

Crocodile slipNslide

Ages 2 & Up. PLEASE NOTE: Children under 4 must have water wings! Features: Green, White & Red, with Big teeth to eat you! This is a awesome looking slipNslide! The kids will have a great time running and jumping into the crocs mouth! They will slide on their bellies all the way to the tail which stops you if you go to fast! Also a mister hose on the his spine over their heads! This will keep them cool! Please one rider at a time. Please make sure before you rent to speak with us for best results!!! Best Location : On Grass or Cement -- Asphalt. NEVER ON DIRT or SAND! Note: Any rental past 8 hrs, extra fee will apply!


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