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Human Foosball - "NEW"

Ages 4 & up!! New for Schools & Company Events:  Are you a foosball game Player - enjoy soccer, or crazy about some fun competition? The Human Foosball game is all that and more! Up to 10 players at a time compete in a 5 on 5 game to see who is the best "Foos-Baller". You can adjust where you put the offense and defense, pick your teams, and start playing. Great for corporate events, school events, church functions and sporting events. Note: All Park rentals require Power! You can provide your own generator or rent from us! (Any questions Please speak with our staff) Best Location : On Grass or Cement -- Asphalt requires TARPS!! NEVER ON DIRT or SAND!! Note: Any rental past 8 hrs, extra fee will apply!

Cornhole "NEW"

Ages 2 & up. Official custom size full color 24x48 regulation size tournament-grade cornhole bag toss game set.. Beautiful wood construction with 1/2 inch plywood top.

Comes with 3 blue bean bags & 3 red bean bags.

Both boards fully decorated with scvbounce logo! Great fun for the whole family! Note: setup up 10-15ft long for kid & Adult use! {Ideal location for setup in a shady area or inside}....Never:: on DIRT or SAND!

Boxing Gloves

Ages 6 & up!! Features: 2 Red & 2 Blue Gloves. These oversized gloves are really fun! You can rent them with our 10x10 Fun Bouncer or any other unit we have. Each glove weighs 2.5 lbs. You will have fun for hours boxing your friends!

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