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Cancellation Policy!

Cancellation Policy!

ONLINE ORDERS:  Your 20% deposit fee paid will be "Non Refundable". 

However it can be credited to a rescheduled order placed within the next (3) months.


PHONE ORDERS:  Any order may be canceled 24 hours after booking without charge, unless scheduled rental is the next day!  All orders canceled after 24 hours of booking will be charged 20% of your entire order!  If it is "raining at the scheduled time of delivery", you may cancel with no charge.


RENTAL DAY:  Canceling any order the day of the event you will be charged "Full Price"!  Once your rental is accepted and dropped off, payment will be required regardless of weather changing conditions. (Reminder:  All online order deposits are still non-refundable)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office staff bye email or call.


Thanks again, scvbounce