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Water Units
Rainforest Duel Lane Slide "New" Wet
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Size: 25' L x 11' W x 18' H
Space Required: 25' L x 14' W x 20' H

Rainforest Duel Lane Slide "New" Wet

Ages 5 & up: 🌴🌴🌴 Rainforest Duel Lane Slide - PLEASE NOTE: Children under 4 must have water wings! The 16ft high waterslide. Riders enter through the front tubes then up the Big climbing wall and down dual lane slide into the splash zone. Slide area has a water misting system. Best Location : On Grass, Cement & Asphalt. NEVER ON DIRT or SAND!! Note: Any rental past 8 hrs, extra fee will apply!


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NOTE:  ALL PARK rentals are 4hrs or less & require power!  You can rent a generator from us or provide your own.  {Please speak with opur staff for requirements}

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