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Island Breeze Combo 5n1 Wet - "New"
Product Details
Size: 28' x 13' x 14'
Space Required: 30' L x 15' W x 16' H

Island Breeze Combo 5n1 Wet - "New"

Ages 2-15 yrs. Island Breeze 5n1 combo - Please Note:  Children under 4 must have water wings. Features WET unit which has a special NON-SLIPPERY material that makes it safe for riders to bounce, jump, and slide into a pool of water. This Non-Slippery material is not like anything other companies use, it is a special material used only in wet and dry combos to make it safe for riders. Features bouncing area, 1-basketball hoop, climber, slide, and a pool at the end. Best Location : On Grass or Cement -- Asphalt. NEVER ON DIRT or SAND!! Note: Any rental past 8 hrs, extra fee will apply!


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