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Medium Combos
Lava Flow Combo 4n1
  • Lava Flow Combo 4n1
  • Lava Flow Combo 4n1
  • 8.5 high Climb Wall
  • Huge Slide
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Back View
Product Details
Size: 11 x 30 x 15
Space Required: 13W x 32L x 17H

Lava Flow Combo 4n1

Ages 3-15yrs. Features: This unit is Red, Lime Green with a Palm Tree in the middle. It has mesh netting on roof and side walls to keep the sun down and air circulating through the unit. Great for that summer party or family BBQ!! The ride features a 11'x11' bouncer with a basketball hoop and an 8.5-foot tall rock climb wall and Big Slide. The entrance and exit are located in separate halves of the product to allow for easier and safer access. Note: All Park rentals require Power! You can provide your own generator or rent from us! (Any questions Please speak with our staff) Best Location : On Grass or Cement -- Asphalt or Dirt requires TARPS!! NEVER ON SAND! Note: Any rental past 8 hrs, extra fee will apply!


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NOTE:  All Park rentals are 4hrs or less & require power!  You can rent a Generator from us or provide your own.  (Please speak with our staff for requirements)

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